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A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Liv, and I turn ideas into reality. I’ve been writing since I can remember. In fact, I distinctly remember my 5th grade teacher telling me she knew I would write a novel one day, and she couldn’t wait to read it. I’m not sure if she’s a fortune teller or not, but she was right! I’ve been professionally writing a myriad of content for over 6 years now. I’ve tried to do other things and broaden my horizons, but nothing seems to do it for me like writing does. One day, I finally decided to come back to my roots and settle down. Luckily, it’s been nothing but great for me, and now for you too!

I started The Offbeat Writer to give geniuses like you the opportunity to have their story told without distracting them from what they’re truly great at. How many times have you had a brilliant idea, only to be stumped by a blank page? How many times has it sounded elegant when you speak, then looks awkward when you write it down? Or, perhaps it’s an issue of time – you’re so busy conquering the world, you feel like you don’t have time to write. These days, having an awesome website or product means it tells a brilliant story, is easy for search engines to understand, and engaging. Offbeat works to build your story so it’s exactly that – AWESOME.

On a personal note, I love beer, my dogs, and reading. I love seeing creative projects to completion, then handing them over to happy, smiling clients. Oh – I almost forgot – I’m an award-winning fiction author.

You can check out my author website here. >>

My Experience

Blog writing & content strategy


Email marketing

Novels and ebooks

Website copy

Curriculum content (in-person & online)

Biographies (short & long)

Mission, vision, values

Branding kits

Research & article writing

White papers

Interviews & transcribing


The Offbeat Writer

Our goal is to help you build a brand that has a compelling story and clear message. A brand your consumers can't imagine life without. One you're proud of and can talk about to anyone in a way they understand. Cute & creative is great. Clear & engaging is better.


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